Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chapter 2: Explosion

So I followed the unicorn down empty corridors into the wintry landscape beyond the heavy double doors tot he outside.
The mythical beast led me across the bridge, over the old, abandoned railroad tracks to Freeland Park.  It was there that my real adventure was to begin.
All the time the unicorn had been staying just a few feet ahead of me, not running too fast, but not letting me anywhere clsoe enough to touch it.
Could the thing talk? I asked myself before I became breathless from chasing it.  It went slowly when when I honestly couldn't go faster, but seemed able to feel somehow whether I was following as best I could.  If I hadn't, I would have lost the creature long ago.
I would have been colder too, considering I had left my overcoat in my locker.
It finally stood int he center of the small park.  Puffing up, I stretched out enough to brush the white haunches with my fingertips.
An explosion of intense light and heat surrounded me.  I fainted.

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